Our Process

Selecting the right contractor can be frustrating. It doesn't have to be. Knowing more about the process will help you know what to ask and allow you to form opinions about what you prefer. Here is some more information about our process:

  • Call us to schedule an estimate. This is our chance to look at the area to be finished and exchange ideas on what would make the space work best for you. We use sample pictures to aid decision making on functional details, such as tray or coffered ceilings, as well as decorative details such as columns and trim. Estimates are always free of charge. We will return the estimate to you quickly. Along with the estimate, we will provide references, proof of insurance and a sample contract.
  • Check our references! We work very hard to get and keep good references, and we want you to check them.
  • Come visit a job we have done as well as one in progress to get a feel for the quality work we do. Any future reference you provide that leads to a contract will pay you $100.00.
  • After you select us, we will discuss and sign a contract together. This is our agreement to complete a quality job in a specified timeframe as well as your agreement for timely payment for services. A typical payment schedule in the contract is four or five payments and coincides with major milestones in the project.
  • Work flow is ordered according to major milestones such as framing, electrical and plumbing work, drywall, and finish work such as painting and trim.
  • Length of job - Normally a basement can be finished in 5-10 weeks. Having a lot of custom work done could lengthen the time a bit.
  • Walkthrough at completion - Upon completion of the job, we will walkthrough with you and examine the work. Any items needing touch up will be handled before the final payment is requested.
  • Lastly, WE won't leave you hanging! Call us to schedule your ONE YEAR WALK-THROUGH!!!